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When Rev. NEDRA DAVIS shocked her congregation by engaging in a torrid love affair with sexy bad boy SINCLAIR REASONER, no one would have guessed the outcome.  Years later, happily married, their world evolves around their passion for each other and their children.  The sudden appearance of a sinister stranger and a deceptive woman sets into motion a chain of events that threatens the couple's marriage, their family and their lives.
DAVIA MAXWELL is a street-smart survivor who has clawed her way out of one of Chicago's roughest ghettos.  JUSTIN MILES is a successful businessman from one of the most prominent families in Atlanta.  How could Davia ever be a part of Justin's world?  Yet, when they meet, nothing can keep the two of them apart, or so it seems.   But, Justin's socialite mother, Katherine,  vows to do just that.  
Diva, DARNELL CAMERON, and playboy, THAD STEWART, are both superstars.  She is a singing sensation and he is an actor extraordinaire.   One would think that they have a lot in common, but in reality they are like oil and water.  They are two American idols who openly despise each other.  It would take a major miracle to get these two together, or perhaps the mysterious stranger stalking one of them and intent on killing the other one might hold the key to their mutual destiny.
BEV CAMERON is smart, sexy and sophisticated.  A sucessful business woman, Bev is a lady who has it all, and what she doesn't have she doesn't need.  Hollywood agent, RAY WILSON, is a mover and shaker who gets what he wants and he wants Bev, but she is older and doesn't want him.  It takes murder and intrigue to forma bond between these two,b ut a shocking secret is uncovered that can tear boh their lives apart.