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 ​Crystal V. Rhodes

Hi! Thanks for visiting my site. I'm CRYSTAL V. RHODES, and I'm an author and an award-winning playwright. I write the SIN SERIES romantic suspense novels. My titles include Sin, Sweet Sacrifice, Sinful Intentions, Secrets, Strangers and Shadows of Love.  My lastest book series is called the STILLWATERS SERIES . It's a trilogy that tells the story of three ordinary sisters who experience extraordinary events in their lives that empower them.

The second novel in this series  SOMEONE LIKE YOU has finally been released.  It's  the story of  Jolene, the youngest of the three Carson sisters.    If you've read SOMONE LIKE ME you know that Jolene is quite a character and, believe me, her story is unique!  SOMEONE LIKE  YOU  is available on Amazon.com.  CLICK ON THE  SOMONE LIKE YOU  cover on the WORKS PAGE and CHECK IT OUT!  As a matter of fact, CLICK ON ALL THE BOOK COVERS and they will take you to AMAZON.COM  for purchases in ebook format and in paperback.  The titles are also avilable as ebooks on SMASHWORDS.COM.

The second novel in my SIN SERIES is in re-release.  It's called SINFUL INTENTIONS .  Go to my OTHER WORKS page to read the teaser for that one.  

As for more about me, my novels and plays have been nominated for and have received numerous awards. I've written for newspapers, magazines, radio and cable TV.  I love to travel and I love to write.